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You save time!
No more searching, phoning or driving around to find which prefabricated homes are available and compliant for your location, or which vendors represent which brands. Find it all at PrefabExpo, instantly.
You save money!
Equipped with our specially designed tools, you’ll have everything you need to fine tune your purchasing decision to an ultimate level of confidence and sizeable savings in cost.
It's Valuable!
By referencing over 10,000 products and 14,000 vendors, PrefabExpo provides you with a substantial advantage over the traditional methods of finding suitable building and ascertaining competitive pricing.
It's Versatile!
From manufactured homes, to gazebos and steel buildings, you can find which prefabricated buildings are available on the residential, commercial and multifamily markets, for any location in the USA, right from your desktop.
It's Inexpensive!
Our membership and licenses are equivalent to 1/100 of the fees charged by market research companies, a negligible amount compared to your savings in time and cost.
It's Quick and Easy!
Fill out our easy-to-use membership or license form to receive access in under
1 minute! Research results are provided to you instantaneously.
It's Secure!
We accept online payments through a secure server at WorldPay - one of the largest payment processing organization in the world.
It's Worth it!
PrefabExpo is the most comprehensive index of prefabricated homes and buildings in the USA.
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"PrefabExpo brings the world of prefabricated and precut homes and buildings to a common arena."

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